The Queen City Hub is undergoing a makeover, and will be closed for July and August.

However, we will return with exciting programming in the fall. If you are a current member, and require access to our space, please email us. Stay tuned for updates!

Thanks for your patience.

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About us:

Queen City Hub aspires to be a meeting place for thinkers and change-makers, and to help connect individuals and organizations to help drive exciting new projects and ideas in our city.

We strive to be a mobile, responsive organization within Regina: not fixed to one address or specific community. We are excited by the kind of dynamic programming and idea generation that is possible throughout Regina, which utilizes multiple spaces and communities to engineer change. By acting as a nimble organization within the city, we plan to develop the kind of relationships that will help make this happen.


Queen City Hub will create a space for diverse groups of people to come together to connect, create, and make. We are responsive to the needs and desires of Regina as it encounters growth and change. We activate communities and cultivate engaged citizenship in the hopes of building both a dynamic and welcoming city.

Board Members:

Queen City Hub is run by a volunteer board that oversees all aspects of the organization. The board consists of:

Avril Biggin, Johanna Bundon, Tria Donaldson, Graham Haines, Krystal Lewis, Kenn McLeod, Dave Mitchell, Vicki Nelson, Risa Payant, Virginia Percy, Jayden Pfeifer


Urbanity 101 – round 2

Posted by | July 24 | Comments Off on Urbanity 101 – round 2

The Queen City Hub is excited to announce that we will be launching another series of Urbanity 101 workshops! This is in response to the wonderful turnout and engagement that happened with the first series from this spring.   If you weren’t able to make it to the last series, Urbanity 101 was a 3 part […]

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Changes at the Hub and new website!

Posted by | July 24 | Comments Off on Changes at the Hub and new website!

Queen City Hub is committed to helping foster growth and action in Regina and, as ever, we’ve got change a-brewing. This time, it is our own organization who is undergoing a re-imagining. On August 1st, Queen City Hub is leaving it’s current home at 1843 Hamilton Street, and moving…to everywhere! After much visioning and imagining about what the Hub is and […]

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Partners and Sustainers

Victoria Nelson, Rhiannon Ward, Nathaniel Cole, David Mitchell, Christina Mickleborough, Kieran Conway, Margot Gough, Rachel Malena-Chan, Brenda Kapp, Nichole Huck, Kris Dueck, Carla Harris, William Neher, Jenn Bergen, Michelle Brownridge, Nicole Sarauer, Judy Wensel,  Jeanne Shami, Sheri Birkeland, Jayden Pfeifer, Tria Donaldson, Krystal Lewis


Sep 25 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Save the date! Join us for a special Culture Days Cinq-a-Sept! What is a Cinq-a-Sept you ask?  Why it’s an informal after work hangout and discussion open to all. This special Culture Days Cinq-a-Sept will have a bit more structure and be focused on civic engagement. Stay tuned for more info! For more information about Culture[...]
Culture Days Alteration Station @ Creative City Centre
Sep 26 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
As in the past, Articulate Ink will be hosting a t-shirt printing workshop at their studio for Culture Days. To make your shirts pop even more, the Queen City Hub will be hosting a t-shirt alteration station down the hall, run by our resident sewing teacher extraordinaire, Jeanniene Tazzioli!   Stop by after printing your[...]